NFL Week 7 Predictions – Best Bets, Odds and Picks – Betting –

Oct 19, 2020; Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

A weekend of tight games see teams trying to turn around their seasons before the playoffs get out of reach, plus one quarterback’s major homecoming. 

Week seven of the NFL looks to be one of the closest yet, with bookmakers only giving a spread over 7.5 points to three games. However, despite the slate of tight games, there are still plenty of opportunities to find an edge. 

Our picks via betMGM

  • New York Jets +14 at 4/5 
  • Green Back Packers -3 at 4/5 
  • San Francisco 49ers -3 at 3/2 
  • Chicago Bears +7 at 18/25

OUR PICK: New York Jets +14 at 4/5

Make no mistake: the New York Jets will lose this game. However, with such a generous spread being offered, there is plenty of value in backing the Jets when they visit Buffalo. 

In their first meeting this season, Josh Allen was only able to lead the Bills to a ten point victory over the Jets. Their largest winning margin since then has been only seven points. The Bills’ last two games have also seen tough defeats, including a blowout loss to the Tennessee Titans. 

The New York Jets look set to have Sam Darnold return from injury at quarterback. During his last game against the Denver Broncos, the Jets were able to put up a season best 28 points as Darnold showed